La Carrière is a token of the Past and a token of present days sculptors’ and stonecutters’ works, technologies and tools.

Many sculpture and stone cutting tools are presented in a specialized room. You’ll discover:

A pick used in the Iron Age

A headed hammer

A comb hammer

A cutting hammer used since 1000 B.C.

  • polka,
  • bretture,
  • and chemins de fer (French expression for Railway)

Moreover, La Carrière is an exceptional exhibition premises displaying cut and sculpted works.

Don’t miss the Rose and the Column!

And take a look at the building progress of The Stair of The Ascension, a collective and monumental work, started in November 2003 by the Companions.

The Stonecutters who worki at La Carrière belong to two Companion Brotherhoods:

  • the Société des Compagnons Tailleur de Pierre des Devoirs
  • or the Union Compagnonnique des Devoirs Unis

Every year stonecutting workshops welcome thousands of children in school or vacation groups. Workshops are for adult groups too. Each workshop is an occasion for children, teenagers or adult to handle and transform stone using genuine tools.