A unique experience of stone among shadows and lights!

Wide Panoramic

Rosace Panoramic

Here are two panoramic photo montages that demonstrate why the Underground Quarry of Aubigny has received tourist awards (Major Tourist Site in Burgundy, Tourist Trophy) and why over the past three years, the quarry has welcomed 50.000 visitors.

The Underground Quarry of Aubigny is located in Puisaye Forterre land, near the village of Taingy, in the Département of Yonne, in Burgundy.

Open to the public since 1992, La Carrière site is an unmissable stop on in numerous European tourist tours. Visitors come from The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, as well as Sweden, Norway and Denmark…

La Carrière is a stop off the A6 French motorway on the way to the South of France.